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Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Barack Obama re-elected President of the United States

Obama has four more years

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Image via @BarackObama

All of the major North American Networks have projected that Barack Obama has been re-elected as the President of the United States.

The Obama HQ in Chicago, Illinois has turned into the seen of a party. Flags that were given to the thousands of people in attendance, are waving with excitement, with the projection of Obama’s re-election.

The Empire State Building lights up blue, celebrating Obama’s win(Image via Mashable)

270 electoral votes are required in order to become President, Obama has 274 (as of 11:45PM Eastern), according to Google Politics & Elections. Still people are waiting to cast their vote in Florida, which is still undeclared.

Meanwhile, in Boston, Mitt Romney’s Twitter account remains silent, being inactive for 5 hours. We are still waiting for his speech. That may take a while, seeing as he said that he has only written a winning speech.

Republicans will be keeping the majority of seats in the house.


Photo Credit: Matthew Cavanaugh, Getty Images

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Screenshot by Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae. Information via CNN Politics.

US #Election trends (UPDATED)

Screenshot by Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae. Information via CNN Politics.

The United States election has unsurprising, taken over Twitter and Facebook. Magnae Famae analyses who’s winning… online.

On Facebook here are the top 10 most mentioned terms.*

  1. Vote/Voted/Go Vote
  2. Obama
  3. Election/Election Day
  4. Romney
  5. President
  6. Country
  7. Line/In Line
  8. Polls
  9. Ballot
  10. Ohio

Even here in Canada, most of the Twitter trends are election focused…

Obama is just about everywhere online. In America, #TeamObama is trending on Twitter. Simply based on social media, you may say that Obama will win. But this race may actually be tighter than 2000. Americans, don’t forget to #vote!

*according to Facebook+Journalists

LinkedIn has been in the news as 6.5 Million password have been compromised; Image via Interview Angel

LinkedIn confirms passwords compromised, after reports of six million passwords stolen

LinkedIn has been in the news as 6.5 Million password have been compromised; Image via Interview Angel

LinkedIn, the popular online professional social networking site, has confirmed on their security blog, that passwords have been compromised today. This news come after reports that as many as six million passwords were compromised.

It was a user in some Russian Forum, that posted just under 6.5 Million LinkedIn passwords (with no usernames attached, though). Many LinkedIn users confirmed on twitter that their passwords were on the list.

Below is the LinkedIn Security Blog Post.

We want to provide you with an update on this morning’s reports of stolen passwords. We can confirm that some of the passwords that were compromised correspond to LinkedIn accounts. We are continuing to investigate this situation and here is what we are pursuing as far as next steps for the compromised accounts:


1. Members that have accounts associated with the compromised passwords will notice that their LinkedIn account password is no longer valid.

2. These members will also receive an email from LinkedIn with instructions on how to reset their passwords. There will not be any links in these emails. For security reasons, you should never change your password on any website by following a link in an email.

3. These affected members will receive a second email from our Customer Support team providing a bit more context on this situation and why they are being asked to change their passwords.

It is worth noting that the affected members who update their passwords and members whose passwords have not been compromised benefit from the enhanced security we just recently put in place, which includes hashing and salting of our current password databases. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our members. We take the security of our members very seriously, if you haven’t read it already it is worth checking out my earlier blog post today about updating your password other account security best practices.


LinkedIn has posted two tweets about the issue.

A trusted Security researcher, Steve Gibson has also given a website that can tell you if your password has been compromised or not. But, if your password is there, it could simply mean someone else has that password.

Image via Digital Trends

Facebook Integration coming to iOS 6 at WWDC

Facebook could be more integrated into iOS then this with the upcoming release of iOS 6; Image via Digital Trends

As you may know, Twitter is already highly integrated into iOS, with the release of iOS 5. Well, TechCrunch is reporting that  Apple will announce some Facebook Integration into iOS at WWDC next week.

Earlier this week, at D10 (The All Things D Conference), Tim Cook, Apple CEO, was the keynote speaker and said to “stay tuned” for deeper Facebook Integration.

This has been a long time coming, and certainly is possible to be untrue.

Do you want Facebook to be integrated with iOS? What other Social Networks could be integrated?

Also not coming anytime soon/probably ever: Google+/iOS integration. Just wanted to make that clear.

-MG Siegler at TechCruch

pottermore screenshot

Pottermore now open to the Public!

Pottermore has finally opened to the Public, at last!

The news first came in a Pottermore Twitter Post…

The Public can begin signing up now, and they will receive their invitations over the next few days.

Over the coming days, we’ll be inviting new users onto Pottermore.com. We’re expecting to be really busy to start with and plan to activate new registrations in a steady stream. This means that you may not get access to Pottermore immediately after you sign up but we will get you exploring the site as quickly possible.

The Pottermore Insider has released a new update, as well. The update talks about the incredible amount of people signing up for Pottermore.

As anticipated, we’ve had an incredible number of people sign up to Pottermore.com over the past few hours. To ensure everyone exploring Pottermore.com has the best experience possible, we are currently limiting the number of users who can sign in to the site. We’ll be steadily increasing this limit throughout the day, so more and more people will be able sign in at once.

Please remember that if you sign in to Pottermore.com and are inactive for a certain period of time, you will automatically be signed out and you’ll need to sign in again.

We’re continuing to activate new sign ups in a steady stream and will be posting regular updates about our opening here and on Twitter.

Will you be signing up for Pottermore? Leave a comment below.

Image via HG Girl on Fire

Hunger Games: Amandla Stenberg responds to criticism on her character’s race

Image via HG Girl on Fire

Yesterday, Rue from The Hunger Games made news, but for all the wrong reasons.

Some fans were disappointing with Rue’s race in the movie that was released a week ago. The backlash is surprising and disappointing.

Dark skin. That is what the novelist, the creator of the series, specified. But there were plenty of audience members who were “shocked,” or confused, or just plain angry.

The Tumblr, Hunger Games Tweets, has collected a smattering of Twitter postings, with the goal of exposing “Hunger Games fans on Twitter who dare to call themselves fans yet don’t know a damn thing about the books.” What people are saying is disappointing, sad, stomach-churning, and just plain racist.


The book even states that Rue has dark skin. Obviously the ‘fans’ who are saying this have not read The Hunger Games books.

Surprisingly, Amandla Stenberg spoke to Us Weekly about the issue, safely and appropriately.

On Wednesday, Stenberg spoke out on the controversy. “As a fan of the books, I feel fortunate to be part of The Hunger Games family,” she told Us Weekly in a statement. “It was an amazing experience; I am proud of the film and my performance. I want to thank all of my fans and the entire Hunger Games community for their support and loyalty.”

I am really disappointed that this happened, and that Amandla needed to deal with this. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels bad for her.

What do you think about the backlash and Amandla’s response?

How to make your Facebook Timeline amazing

If you don’t like Facebook Timeline… well too bad! You’re getting it! And pages are too, starting on March 30th. Some people (a lot of people) are really upset about this. I’m not one of them, I really like the new Timeline.

Timeline is really great for ‘showing off your life’. Here are ten ways you can make your Timeline amazing.

            1. Choose a great High Quality image for your Cover Photo. 

Your Cover Photo will be the first thing people see when they see your Profile. It’s public, anyone in the world can see your cover photo. For best results, use a 850×320 image (that’s in pixels). Currently my Cover Photo is one to protest the Lord’s Resistance Army (Kony 2012), but I previously designed a Cover Photo in GIMP Image Editor, but I would only recommend that for our Advanced readers.

            2. Make your Profile Picture, a picture of yourself.

Yes, having a profile picture of the logo of some video game may seem cool to you, but if someone is trying to figure out who you are after you sent them a friend request, they may get confused, and say Ignore.

            3. Add Apps to your Timeline.

I have quite a few News Apps running on my Timeline, but many other Apps are available. Including Rotten Tomatoes, Kobo, Causes, Pinterest, Goodreads any many more. The app showcase keeps growing. You can get apps for your Timeline here.

            4. Update your ‘About’.

The third thing people see on your Timeline is the About You section. We all know that you haven’t touched it since the day you signed up, so go over their and update it! Add jobs, quotes, contact info, your Religious and Political views and more. Four items are featured at the top of your Timeline. For me it is my current job, where I live (that can only be seen by me and my friends), my birthday and my languages. If you don’t have enough information filled in, that About box will not be very helpful for people trying to find you. You can still make any, and all of this information solely visible to you and your friends if you wish.

            5. Add your Life Events.

When I am bored, guess what I do? Well, sometimes I will add Life Events to my Timeline. For instance, I added some injuries, sports, new schools etc. You can add any Life Event you desire.


           6. Like pages, create lists, subscribe to famous people, friends, and family.

Like Pages, create lists, and subscribe to people who won’t add you as a friend! Facebook recently rolled out Lists, which is almost the exact same as Twitter’s lists and Google+’s Circles. You can make lists of people and pages, and check it to see their updates instead of other people’s. You can also subscribe to people too. You will only see their Public updates. Obviously you can’t see their private updates.

          7. Have your Twitter Posts automatically post on your Facebook.

Are you more addicted to Twitter then Facebook? Chances are, you have friends that aren’t on Twitter, but still want to see your updates. So you can easily make it so that your Twitter posts automatically go to your Facebook account in seconds. You can find out more about setting that up here. It’s a fairly simple process.

          8. Highlight your awesome posts! 

A highlighted post. (Click to enlarge)

You can Highlight your favorite, or most important posts now. Simply find the post you want to highlight, hover over the right corner, and click on the ‘star’ button that just popped up. Highlighting a post makes it take up the whole length of your Timeline, instead of half of it, which is the default.

          9. Turn your Timeline into a movie.

You can now turn your Facebook Timeline into a fantastic short movie, thanks to a partnership between Definition and Facebook. I really enjoyed watching the movie, and it’s completely automated as well! You can make your own Timeline Movie here.

          10. Bloggers- Publish your posts on Facebook

On many blogging platforms, including WordPress, you can automatically push your posts you your Facebook, so your friends can see all of your articles and allow your friends to easily find them and join the conversation. You can also easily have them automatically pushed to your Facebook Page as well, on many platforms. I have this set for every article I publish.

And there you go, ten ways to have an amazing Timeline… or at least a better Timeline.


The New Twitter... #letsfly (Screenshot by Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

#letsfly: Review of the New Twitter

The New Twitter... #letsfly (Screenshot by Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

THE OPINION OF KYLE STEWART- Today, I got the New Twitter. Now, I know many of you already got the new twitter. A lot of people don’t like it (a lot of the same people who don’t like Facebook Timeline). So, I am writing this today to give you a brief review of the new twitter.

The new Twitter revolves around Twitter’s new #letsfly theme.  It’s an excellent idea, and they are really doing what Apple did. They are being simplistic. Which is great for innovation. This new twitter has five basic buttons.

  1. Home  Obviously this button takes you to the newly designed homepage.
  2. Connect This includes interactions and mentions.
  3. Discover This button revolves around hashtags and trending topics.
  4. Me Your own profile
  5. Tweet The tweet button.

The first three mentioned are the biggest and most important in this upgrade.

General Layout

The General layout is great. Except for the fact that in the last version of Twitter everything about you was on the right, and all the tweets were in the center. Well, it has switched. Everything about you is on the left, all tweets are on the right. I can imagine myself getting confused over this eventually.

Left Sidebar

The left sidebar has everything about you. How many tweets you have made, how many followers you have, how many you are following. Also recommendations for who to follow. It also includes a the 10 trending topics, legal stuff etc.


At the top of the profiles is your description and basic information. Below that on the left is links to your Tweets, Followers, Who you’re following etc. Also people you are similar to. On the bottom right are your tweets.

How to get the new Twitter

To get the new twitter you need to download the new twitter app for iOS and Android.

In conclusion, I really like the new twitter. They really did a great job on the web version and on the app for iOS as well. If only they had better servers….

What do you think of the new twitter? Do you have it yet? Leave a comment below or email us at question@magnaefamae.com.

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