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The New Twitter... #letsfly (Screenshot by Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

#letsfly: Review of the New Twitter

The New Twitter... #letsfly (Screenshot by Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

THE OPINION OF KYLE STEWART- Today, I got the New Twitter. Now, I know many of you already got the new twitter. A lot of people don’t like it (a lot of the same people who don’t like Facebook Timeline). So, I am writing this today to give you a brief review of the new twitter.

The new Twitter revolves around Twitter’s new #letsfly theme.  It’s an excellent idea, and they are really doing what Apple did. They are being simplistic. Which is great for innovation. This new twitter has five basic buttons.

  1. Home  Obviously this button takes you to the newly designed homepage.
  2. Connect This includes interactions and mentions.
  3. Discover This button revolves around hashtags and trending topics.
  4. Me Your own profile
  5. Tweet The tweet button.

The first three mentioned are the biggest and most important in this upgrade.

General Layout

The General layout is great. Except for the fact that in the last version of Twitter everything about you was on the right, and all the tweets were in the center. Well, it has switched. Everything about you is on the left, all tweets are on the right. I can imagine myself getting confused over this eventually.

Left Sidebar

The left sidebar has everything about you. How many tweets you have made, how many followers you have, how many you are following. Also recommendations for who to follow. It also includes a the 10 trending topics, legal stuff etc.


At the top of the profiles is your description and basic information. Below that on the left is links to your Tweets, Followers, Who you’re following etc. Also people you are similar to. On the bottom right are your tweets.

How to get the new Twitter

To get the new twitter you need to download the new twitter app for iOS and Android.

In conclusion, I really like the new twitter. They really did a great job on the web version and on the app for iOS as well. If only they had better servers….

What do you think of the new twitter? Do you have it yet? Leave a comment below or email us at question@magnaefamae.com.

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