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Office 2013 to launch on January 29

Using the Office 2013 beta (Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

Using the Office 2013 beta (Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

Microsoft has confirmed that on January 29, the new version of Microsoft Office, dubbed Office 2013, will be released.

Staples.ca, has also confirmed, and released prices, which can be read below.

  • Home & Student 2013, 1-user: $139
  • 365 University, 2-users, 4-years: $79
  • 365 Home Premium, 5-users, 1-year: $99
  • Home & Business 2013, 1-user: $249
  • Professional 2013, 1-user; $519
  • Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access 2013 (individuality): $129 each
  • Project Standard 2013: $799
  • Visio Pro 2013: $749
  • Visio Standard 2013: $399
  • Project Pro 2013: $1339
  • OneNote 2013: $79

office hello pptI have been using Office 2013 for the past few months, and I will say that it has been incredible. I am finding this to be the best version of Office yet.

The biggest highlights in this version includes heavy SkyDrive integration (All though I have been using Dropbox), PDF support and editing, new themes/templates, and a refreshed and cleaner design.

Will you be buying Office 2013?

Sources: ZDNet

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Kyle's Windows 8 (Photo Credit: Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

8 Pros and Cons for Windows 8

Kyle’s Windows 8 (Photo Credit: Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

I recently downloaded Windows 8. Below, I have listed 8 pros, and 8 cons from my experience thus far with Windows 8.

Your experience with Windows 8 will be different of course. I hope that you don’t have as many installation problems as I did.

8 Pros for 8

  1. New! New! I love new things…
  2. It is at a great price of $39.99, compared to previous versions of Windows (Windows 7 costed over $100).
  3. Pro/Con: Your Microsoft Account is merged with Windows (for myself, this is a con).
  4. Speed… I’m finding Windows 8 to be much faster!
  5. Microsoft Office 2013 (Get the Preview for free) is awesome!
  6. The Start Screen just looks cool, maybe it’s a fad… maybe not.
  7. The boot is incredibly fast, clocking in at 5 seconds.
  8. The apps are great for the most part, all enjoying the new ‘metro’ design language.

The amazing Netflix app for Windows 8 (Photo Credit: Kyle Stewart/Magnae Famae)

8 Cons for 8

  1. I had so many installation problems with Windows 8. I spent hours on Twitter with their support account, and hours more on their phone support. In the end it worked.
  2. This is a massive file. 2GB. If you have a slow internet connection, DO NOT buy the digital download.
  3. Once Microsoft Office 2013 is available, it will cost $99/year. I am not looking forward to that.
  4. The Charms features are difficult to figure out at first.
  5. Is it just me, or are some pre-installed apps taking a really long time to load? Windows Store, for example.
  6. Setting everything up again. Trying to remember all of your passwords (You are using different passwords, right?) is not fun.
  7. Apps are far and few between. The ones that exist are great, but it is a limited selection.
  8. Internet Explorer is still the default browser and is still horrible.


What do you think of Windows 8? Leave your review in the comments.

Kyle Stewart will be publishing his final review before next Tuesday, on Magnae Famae.

Image via The Verge

Windows 8 packaging revealed

Image via The Verge

On October 26th, if you decide to pick up a copy of Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro… here is the packaging you’ll see.

The Verge posted a photo of the packaging of the upcoming operating system. These boxed versions will be available in retail stores only.

What do you think of the packaging?


Windows 8 to be available on October 26th


Steven Sinosfky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that Windows 8 will be available on Friday, October 26th, 2012.

The launch will be for both upgrades, and new installs.

Let the countdown begin!

Will you be purchasing Windows 8?


Image via Supersite for Windows

Microsoft Office 2013 announced

July 16th, Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Office 2013 (also Office 15) Public Preview in San Fransisco.

Microsoft Office 15 is dropping support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in this version of Office. They are continuing to support Windows 7, and obviously Windows 8.

When you open Office, you see a video. The video is emphasizing the fact that documents are now available everywhere, thanks to SkyDrive.


This version of Office is heavily integrated with the Cloud. Well, SkyDrive. Microsoft’s Cloud-based service. Microsoft Office will be saving docs in the cloud automatically, to your SkyDrive account.

Image via Supersite for Windows

Word 2013

The iconic Microsoft Word comes with full PDF support. Including editing PDFs. It also comes with a great feature that allows you to Resume Reading wherever you left off (Thank you so much, Microsoft)!

The new and improved Design tab allows you to easily change document themes, borders, watermarks etc.

Powerpoint 2013

Powerpoint is just beautiful. It comes with some fantastic (and some ugly) new themes. Powerpoint is mainly redesigned, but has few new features. It is automatically in widescreen (16:9) and it also allows you to Present Online.

Excel, OneNote and Outlook 2013

To get reviews of these, go to Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows.

Downloading Office

It takes some time to download Office. Make sure you have some. You can download Office 2013/Office 15 here.

Be sure to comment below with your thoughts on Microsoft Office 2013.


The new Windows Phone 8 (Image via The Verge)

So… What’s New in Windows Phone 8?

Microsoft has had a huge news week, with Microsoft Surface and announcing the new Windows Phone 8 Phone Operating System, they’ve just been about everywhere on the news.

But, let’s jump over Microsoft Surface, and talk about the new Windows Phone 8, and what’s different from Windows Phone 7.

Well, you may be laughing, but Windows Phone 7 is a revolutionary Phone OS, and beautiful as well. The Metro interface is genius. WIth WIndows Phone 8, they’ve put even more work into the Start Screen, which you can see below.

The new Windows Phone 8 (Image via The Verge)

The biggest and most obvious difference is the fact that now the tiles are in various sizes.

“We’re going to have three sizes of live tiles, small, medium, and large,”

-Greg Sullivan; Microsoft

The new Wallet for Windows Phone 8 (Image via The Verge)

Microsoft also announced NFC support today. Simply put, NFC allows you to simply tap a surface with your phone, and the phone will do an action. The most frequent use will be for Wallet, similar to Google Wallet, which allows you to tap your phone in a retail environment, and pay for products, instead of using a Credit Card.

For the new Wallet app, Microsoft has partnered with Chase Bank, and Orange France.

Microsoft has also announced Skype Integration as well, including a Skype app (finally).

Nokia Maps, which is arguably better than the existing Bing Maps, will also be included in the OS.

Microsoft has not yet announced availability, but is guessing Fall 2012 for new phones running Windows Phone 8.

Below, you can see a great video introducing the new Start Screen.

Watch the complete Microsoft Surface Keynote

Microsoft has posted the complete Keynote Presentation, of their announcement of the Microsoft Surface tablet, which they announced in Los Angeles on June 18th.

If you don’t want to watch the entire keynote, you can get a summary of all of the features in Microsoft Surface, here.

Also for your enjoyment is a (rather pointless) 64 second Dubstep video of the Microsoft Surface.