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WWDC 2012

WWDC 2012 Keynote: New Macbook Pros, Siri, iOS 6 and Macbook Air

iOS 6 features (Image via CNET)

Apple announced many things to an enthusiastic crowd, today in San Francisco at the WWDC 2012 Keynote today.

I’ll go through the biggest things announced today in this article. Or- I’ll try.

iOS 6

One of the biggest announcements at WWDC was the over 200 features in iOS 6. iOS 6 will be available in Fall 2012. The beta and SDK for iOS 6 is available to Apple iOS developers today.


Apple has upgraded Siri. One of the biggest things is that Siri is coming to the iPad (we are currently trying to confirm the iPod Touch with Apple). Siri can now also Launch Apps, and update your Facebook,

Apple has included a new Do Not Disturb button, that completely turns off notifications with (quite literally) the swipe of your finger. Also, you can assign contacts as favourites, to give them “VIP” status for receiving notifications, phone calls and emails.

FaceTime will also now be able to work over cellular connections, something that the carriers didn’t want. Previously, it only worked over Wi-Fi.

The iOS Passbook App from Apple

The combination of Apple IDs and Phone Numbers is here! Messages and phone calls can be picked up now on both the iPhone and the iPad for these users. Also, users will be allowed to share Photo Streams with other iOS users.

Apple has also introduced a new app called Passbook, which allows you to store Movie Tickets, Boarding Passes, Store Cards and more.

Facebook Integration is also included in iOS 6. This allows users to post photos and videos easily, and also… from Siri.

Apple Maps, will be replacing Google Maps in iOS. This app was built entirely by Apple. It is a 3D Maps app, which will come with iOS. The app will also have GPS to help drivers with turn-by-turn direction. With crowd-sourcing, the app will be able to show accidents as well.

Macbook Pros

Apple has unveiled a new line of  Macbook Pros. All of which include Ivy Bridge Processors and Nvidia GeForce GT650M graphics. It also includes both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. These are available today. The 13-inch model for $1199 and the 15-inch model for $1799.

The Next-Generation Macbook Pro (Image via CNET)

Next-Generation Macbook Pro

Apple has also unveiled a new Retina display Macbook Pro. The laptop is just 0.71 inches thick, and Apple claims that it is the lightest Macbook Pro ever made.

Apple claims that the 15.4-inch Macbook Pro has the highest resolution of any notebook on the market, at 220 pixels/inch. Apple has updated the Mail, Safari, and iPhoto apps to take advantage of this screen. However, third-party Developers will need to update their apps to take advantage of the screen.

This Macbook Pro, doesn’t come with an optical drive, but has an SD card reader. HDMI connection, two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, and two Thunderbolt connections.

The Next-Generation Macbook Pro starts with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage at $2199

Macbook Airs

The Macbook Air has been updated to include the Ivy Bridge Processors. Graphics will also be rendered up to 60% faster then previously. Also USB 3.0 is included.

OS X Mountain Lion

Apple announced that Mountain Lion, which will be sold in July for $19.99 in the Mac App Store, will include 200 new features. This includes many more cloud services.

Apple announced that 66 Million people are using the Mac now, and 40% of which are using Lion, which was available in the market since last Summer.

What do you think of this huge Keynote? Will you be buying a next-generation Macbook Pro? Leave a comment below.

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Mac OS X… not anymore

Apple marketed its operating system software a...

Image via Wikipedia

Today Apple has renamed it’s famed Mac OS X to…. simply OS X. It has been confirmed by Apple that they’re preferred name for their next Operating System… Mountain Lion should be called OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, instead of Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

What do you think of the name change? Does it have anything to do with Apple Computer’s name change to Apple? Leave a comment below or email us at question@magnaefamae.com.

Apple's new Mac OS X Mountain Lion running on a Macbook Air (Image via The Verge)

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview released today

Apple's new Mac OS X Mountain Lion running on a Macbook Air (Image via The Verge)

Apple has released Mac OS X Mountain Lion in Developer Preview… What’s new about it?

Apple has announced today Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion’s Developer Preview on February 16th, out of the blue. Only seven months after Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was released. In this article I have listed the major new features in this beautiful new Operating System.


  • (Image via The Verge)

    Twitter Integration Mountain Lion is highly integrated with Twitter. It reminds me a lot of the iOS app for twitter. (see screenshot on right)

  • iCloud Mountain Lion is also easily integrated with iCloud. When you set up your Mac with Mountain Lion it will automatically set up your pre-existing contacts, calendars, bookmarks etc. iCloud apps like Reminders, Notes, and Calendar are all a big part of Mac OS X 10.8 as well.
  • AirPlay AirPlay allows users to wirelessly stream content from their laptop or iOS device to their TV, and it is fully compatible with Mountain Lion.
  • Notification Centre Notifications looks the same as on iOS, except it does not take up the whole screen, only the right side because of more Screen Real Estate available.
  • Calendar Unlike some of the other imported iOS goods, Calendar has been almost completely redesigned for Mountain Lion. It can be seen in the slide show below.
  • Notes It looks almost exactly like the iPad version of Notes. Notes on the Mac adds images. It syncs with iCloud and Gmail.
  • Gatekeeper This allows only signed apps or Mac App Store apps to be downloaded, this will be the default, out of the box for Mountain Lion, however you can still download un-signed apps by turning the feature off in the permissions.
  • Safari One thing I disliked about Safari is that you cannot search in the address bar, now you can in Mountain Lion’s update.
In conclusion, as you may realize Mac OS X 10.8 is stealing a lot from iOS. I really like it, and it really seems to be a must-have update for Mac users. What do you think of Mountain Lion?
UPDATE: Apple’s new Messages App for Mac OS X is now available for download.

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