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A Review of Breaking Dawn Part 2

-I divided this review into two parts. The first part doesn’t have any spoilers. The second does.-

I didn’t have high hopes for this film.

I was strongly against Summit making Breaking Dawn two films. In my opinion, there just isn’t enough content in the book to deserve two films.

I think I was right.

You see… Breaking Dawn Part 1, felt long. It felt really stretched out. Because it was. Part 2 also felt stretched.

The CGI wasn’t all the good either. I was shocked at who horrible Reneesme looked in the beginning of the movie as a baby. Once she got older, and they started using real people, it was much better. Also… was it just my theatre, or was it that whenever they moved the camera, it got really blurry. It almost looked like they were shooting it on an old iPod Touch when they moved the camera from left-right (and vice versa). Honestly… I’ve seen some pretty bad cinematography, but you honestly cannot tell me that no one noticed that during post-production. Really? That is just embarrassing.

Also, the teleporting- I mean fast running- from one spot to another, looked so fake. The noise they added on to it… it just made it seem like a cheap Disney TV Show.

Nothing was particularly good regarding the acting, either.

The ending was shocking. I couldn’t believe what was going on. It was ingenious, and well done. I was surprised with how well the Twilight fandom kept it a secret. I went to the film a week after it had been released, and I had no idea!

Overall, I’m going to giver Breaking Dawn Part 2 a 3/5 for being better than the original Twilight movie.


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Breaking Dawn Director releases Part 2 running time

(Via Breaking Dawn- The Movie)

Bill Condon, the director of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 has released the running time for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

112 minutes.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 ran for 117 minutes so this will put the total to 229 minutes for both movies. Hypable put together a list of all the Twilight movies’ running times.

  •  Twilight: 120 minutes
  •  New Moon: 130 minutes
  •  Eclipse: 124 minutes
  •  Breaking Dawn – Part 1: 117 minutes
  •  Breaking Dawn – Part 2: 112 minutes

This will be the shortest Twilight film in the saga. Condon also stated that the movie was 2 hours and 14 minutes in an earlier cut, so they must have cut 20 minutes off from the film. Could that mean 20(+) minutes of deleted scenes?  What do you think of the times?