Join us!

Magnae Famae wants more volunteer writers, as we continue to expand. We are looking for you to help us out!

We are looking for intelligent, talented volunteer writers to join our team. We are looking specifically for these positions:

*Updated last on January 16, 2013*


Our podcast, The Key Panel, is currently in the process of being revived. We are looking for some new hosts.

We have received interest from some of the previous hosts to continue with the show as well, so you could be one of us!

Please get more details here.


We need some Pop Culture writers! Now, more specifically, you can choose what you want to cover.

  • The Hunger Games
  • Twilight
  • Entertainment
  • Celebs
  • etc…

It’s up to you, which you want to apply for.

To apply, email us at, tell us about yourself, and come up with a Pop Culture/Entertainment article.


Opinions matter! They are great for sparking conversation, in the comments. So, we want a few writers to write about one article a week containing their opinion on a current event.

To apply, please email us at and tell us about yourself, and include an opinion piece!


We really need some Political, Science, and Current Events writers here at Magnae Famae! You can write about anything, so long as it is appropriate for most audiences, and is news!

To apply, email us at and tell us about yourself, and include a piece on a current event. For this position, your articles can be as long, or as short as they need to be, so long as they get the full story.


Interested in Tech? iPads? TVs? Then maybe you should start writing about Technology. You can have a column about Apple or Microsoft, or even just report the daily news. This is wide open.

To apply, email us at, tell us about yourself and include a tech piece.


We are going to need some editors, to proofread, and verify the facts. We really need trustworthy people here. Our editors will decide whether the article should be re-written, thrown out or published. Our editors (and only our editors) will have access to the big blue Publish button.

We really need a team of editors. Don’t worry, the work will be spread out equally between existing editors and new editors. We are also putting together a guide for our editors to use as well.

To apply, email us at and tell us about yourself, and tell us about any experiences you have, and why you should be chosen (PROOFREAD!)

If you have an idea for a position, or would like to volunteer, email us today at Please tell us about yourself and any experiences you have.


We can’t wait to go through those applications. Don’t forget to tell us which position you would like.

This is great work for resumes, and it’s a lot of fun! (People are really impressed when they find out you run a website).

If anyone came to mind while you were reading this, please forward this article to them!

Have another idea for how you could contribute to Magnae Famae? Please contact us!

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