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What is Magnae Famae?

Magnae Famae (Pronounced: MAGneighAH FAHmayAH), or MF, is a popular news website, that reports on Entertainment, Technology and World news.

MF started in January 2011 by Luc Moulaison, Sophie Moulaison, and Kyle Stewart, as a replacement for their previous news blog called: The Kyle File. The site has gained much attraction. Today it stands with over 42,000 people.

We guarantee to provide you with the best news coverage. With analyse, and passion as we only report about the news that we believe is important, and fascinating. Our success has proved our philosophy well.

Who writes for Magnae Famae?

Currently, Magnae Famae has two dedicated writers. Overtime, we have had five, fantastic writers, all of whom are listed below.

Jordan LEI


Previous writers have included:




Can I become a writer?

Yes! Get more details here.

What does Magnae Famae mean?

Magnae Famae is Latin for ‘great fame’.


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