Micheal Arndt may rewrite Catching Fire script

Micheald Arndt holding his Oscar (Image via Hypable)

All though the Catching Fire script’s draft was completed in March 2012, it appears that Micheal Arndt, who wrote Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine, is talking with Lionsgate to rewrite the script.

Simon Beaufoy (of Slumdog Millionaire) won the rights to write Catching Fire back in January 2011. In March we found out that Suzanne Collins was reading over the script.

The sequel is barreling towards a late summer production start. While Lionsgate doesn’t yet have a deal with Arndt, if he signs on, he will have to work double-time to get the script ready due to a squeezed schedule caused by star Jennifer Lawrence’s commitment to Fox’s X-Men: First Class sequel. (That tight schedule was one reason why Ross declined to take on the project.)

-Heat Vision

Why do you think this could be? Leave a comment below with you thoughts.

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