New Details on Windows 8 leaked

Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Image via OSXDaily)

A piece of code was found in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview that would allow a Metro Kill Switch to be in place. Also many more things were found in the code, but will not be put in place until Windows 8 is on-the-market.

The switch, would simply turn off the Metro style Windows 8 . This would make it so that only the Desktop version of Windows 8 appears. The kill switch will be located in the Control Panel under the soon-to-come What to do with Windows 8 Metro section.

The kill switch will look like a Light Switch, which will be like sliding things on and off in iOS. Other things in the Control Panel that will have ‘light switch looking things’ include:

  • A make Steve Ballmer’s face my desktop background switch
  • Angry Birds version of  Windows 8 switch
  • A Return to Windows 2000 switch

Also, Microsoft will be including a Get out of Windows Free switch, which will instantly put Linux on your system, causing you to lose every piece of your data including valuable Pictures, irreplaceable family videos, and even the essay you’ve been working on for the past month!

Microsoft has plans to fill the Stable release of Windows 8 with endless Freeware! The list includes…

  • Al’s Virus Removal, now includes 24/7 webcam watching for burglars, free of charge!
  • Insta911, You can now instantly call 911 by simply clicking on the new 911 button, which will replace the space bar!
  • Auto-Back-Correct, This program will start yelling at you the second that your back starts slouching while typing. New features include a Texas-Person yelling a you, a British person yelling at you, A Spanish person yelling at you, and a Customer Support Rep from Microsoft yelling at you!
  • iPod Cancellation with Zune, now whenever you plug-in your iPod, instead of iTunes opening, A hundred Pop-up adds for Microsoft Zune will open. The final pop-up will tell you that your iPod has a virus, because while you were closing the pop-ups, a virus was put into your iPod telling you where you can buy a Microsoft Zune.
  •, Now whenever you go to Google in any Web Browser, you will receive a Notification that Google doesn’t exist. You can use Microsoft Bing instead!
  • and many, many more pieces of Software that are sure to make your Circuits crash!

What do you think of all of the freeware and switches? Leave a comment below.

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