BREAKING NEWS: Mafia Intervention on the Costa Concordia

In the previous weeks of the Costa Concordia salvage operation, the Sicilian Mafia have been sighted nearby, sparking major concerns. via: The Telegraph U.K.


In the past few weeks of the Costa Concordia “salvage” operation, the Sicilian Mafia have been spotted by the Italian Navy off the coast. There have also been rumours circulating through dozens of international media sites that the Mafia that have trespassed the perimeter of the salvage operation area to observe the operation first-hand. The Mafia have been known to have taken interest in looting the vast amounts of leftover passenger belongings and the leftover oil to be sold on the black market.

The Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti, has also used every precaution to ensure a safe salvage operation. The salvaging company imparticular, has requested extra security measures along the Adriatic Coastline from Italy, France and Malta, over worries of the Mafia will take things into their own hands. The Salvage has been taking place for more than a month to save more than 500,000 litres of oil still trapped within the hull.Personal passenger articles have also been left behind, ranging from coats to exquisite jewellery imported from vast European nations. Many citizens of the Giglio area too, are also  paranoid with the sightings and are demanding that the Government issue tighter security measures.

So, what do you think? Is this incident a precourser to a Mafia assault? Or is this just a stunt by the Italian Government so that they can acclaim media attention?

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