CES 2012: Science

CES 2012 will have a great variety of Science. Including Virtual Reality Contact Lenses, A replacement for e-ink,  Body Heat to Electricity and more!

Image via Innovega

Innovega’s Virtual Reality Contact Lenses 

The company, Innovega plans to talk about their contact lenses that have special optics and filters, that with special glasses with a OLED or LCD screen, can allow your brain to process these electronic images.

Gamma Dunamic’s Solution to e-ink

Gamma Dynamics may show off its newest technology which is a super thin and also flexible display technology.Each Pixel is part of a liquid. The power required is very little for this technology.

Body Heat -> Electricity

Perpetua Power plans to demonstrate a body heat to electricity system… and it’s wireless.

These are just a few small examples of the Science that will be displayed at CES 2012.

Thanks to CNET.

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