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Facebook Timeline blow-up is an overreaction.

THE OPINION OF KYLE STEWART- People are naturally scared of Facebook’s new feature, Timeline. And it makes sense because people are afraid of every little thing Facebook does. This is an extreme overreaction.

The new sidebar in Timeline.

Now, it may be because I am a Facebook developer and participated in the beta of it for the past few months. I have loved it! At first I didn’t like the new layout, when I only saw the photos of it. But when I turned it on, I was amazed at it. It was like a brand new, fantastic resume.

I always wondered what my first status was. It only took new three seconds, thanks to the new sidebar (pictured left) to find it. “Crrraaazzy Weather were haven!”

Another thing I really like in the new Timeline is the Cover Photo. It is really cool and if you choose the right photo it can look fantastic.

Another great thing Facebook has rolled out is Life Event, which is a feature to Facebook Timeline. So you can simply click on Life Event and add an important life event to your Timeline. EX: The day you bought a car, The day a family member or friends passed away, The day you got a new room-mate, or had a child.

Up to now, Facebook-ers have been posting things, thinking that it will all be gone in a few days. But not anymore. Anyone will be able to go back to your old posts in a matter of seconds. So Facebook is giving people 7 days to clean out anything that you don’t want to be published. So you can sign up for Timeline and easily go back through it all and delete what you don’t want up there for people to see, and once you are ready, within 7 days you can publish your timeline to the world. Now, anything that you said that you only want to be shared with your friends will obviously still be strictly only for your friends. But anything Public will be available for the world.

But keep in mind that unless you’re Britney Spears, not many people will be looking you up, so you don’t have much to worry about. I personally, am open. This means that much of my information is made public, like many status updates, photos etc. because I have nothing to hide on Facebook, and that is my planed future to work high up in the Tech industry where you accept that your life is normally open.

“It’s really like a digital scrapbook”

-Sharon Vaknin

Facebook Timeline is nothing to worry about. If you don’t want this new feature, well too bad because it is expected that within a week it will be rolled out to everyone on Facebook. No opt. out. As Sharon Vaknin puts it, the only way to opt. out is to go to another social network.

I think that Timeline, for me has more pros than cons. For many it will be a privacy concern. But whenever people complain about Facebook this is what I tell them: Facebook is completely free. You have absolutely no right to complain about it, unless you pay for this service. Also people should not rely on Facebook for everything, because Facebook has the right to shut down any day it wants.

In conclusion, Facebook Timeline is fantastic in my not so humble opinion.  I think you should sign up for it if you like what you see, but if you don’t than stop complaining because like I said earlier, Facebook is free… Thank God.

You can get Facebook Timeline early here.

-a KYLE STEWART article-

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7 thoughts on “Facebook Timeline blow-up is an overreaction.

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  3. The Ceej

    “Facebook is completely free. You have absolutely no right to complain about it, unless you pay for this service.”

    I’m going to start stabbing you for free. You have absolutely no right to complain about it unless you pay for being stabbed.

    Well, to be fair, I’m not REALLY going to be stabbing you for free. Advertisers are paying me to do it. But, to be more fair, your logic allows me to do that and disallows you from complaining.

    1. Kyle Stewart Post author

      I didn’t sign up to be “stabbed” but for Facebook you do sign up for the service. I forgot to put that in the article.

      We signed up for this free service, and we agreed to their Terms and Conditions. I did not sign up to be stabbed by you, so technically I do have a right to complain.

      1. The Ceej

        But you DID sign up for my hugging service, in this scenario, and I reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without notice. So, now that it’s a stabbing service, you have no right to complain. After all, you KNEW I reserved the right to change the terms and conditions.

        1. The Ceej

          After all, even though YOU were the one who agreed to do it, my obligation is to act in the best interest of my advertisers, who don’t actually have to put up with the downsides of this service. They didn’t like the fact I was hugging you and promised to pay me more if I changed the service to stabbing. And YOU already agreed to it back when it was hugging.

          1. Kyle Stewart Post author

            I didn’t sign up for your hugging service. But i’ll play along.

            So, say I did sign up for this service… I can step down at any time. On Facebook, you can
            a) stop using it
            b) delete your account

            You can easily delete your Facebook account. Most companies, including Facebook alert you when they change their Terms and Conditions, I;m not a lawyer or anything but I think it may be the law, or they are being mature and not trying to hide it. SO yes, you can change the terms, but I don;t think you can without attempting to notify me.

            Most companies and website act yes, in the best interests of their share holders and advertisers, but they also normally act in the best interests of their consumers and user base, because without whom they would not exist, or have any advertisers because they would move on to advertise on another service.

            In my opinion, Advertisers don’t count for paying for you to use the service, but for the service to be available, because for example… it doesn’t cost us any money to have 1 hit a week at Magnae Famae or ten million a week. If we started advertising it would be for paying the workers here. We have the best interests of our user base at heart by doing no advertising.

            Agreeing to a service that is hugging and to one that is stabbing is completely different. Besides the obvious reasons of life or death, once a company or organization changes it’s main service, it NEEDS to notify it’s users.

            I completely disagree to this point you made:

            “After all, even though YOU were the one who agreed to do it, my obligation is to act in the best interest of my advertisers, who don’t actually have to put up with the downsides of this service”

            Example: say I want to advertise my company that sells chocolate. I need to establish a trusted brand. If I put up an ad on a service that stabs people, just then I completely ruin the reputation of my company/organization. Why would you buy chocolate from a company that supports stabbing, when you can buy from a company that supports free rights etc.

            Now, you may be that (I don’t know this stat) one in a million that supports stabbing humans, and buy that chocolate, but the other 999,999 people who found out from their friends that my company supports a company that stabs people, aren’t going to buy my chocolate, making me go bankrupt because only a few dozen people are buying my chocolate because it might taste good.

            And then when other companies like ex. Hershey find out, they are going to crush me right then, because they are going to run an ad that says Kyle’s Chocolate inc. supports stabbing, and then I;m bankrupt, have a bad reputation and need to go to court because i;m almost certain stabbing is against the law.



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