Holiday Gadgets for 2010

So we are approaching the holiday season. I’m gonna go through great gifts for anyone who is on your list that likes tech. So I’m gonna break it down into 5 categories: computers, tablets, smartphones, video game consoles and MP3 players.


The tablet is one of the most popular devices of 2010. Even though there are only three notable tablets on the market right now, the tablet market is booming. This is good for companies such as Apple, Dell or Samsung because they are the only three with good tablets out so far. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top tablets of 2010.

1. Apple iPad
This is definetly the most solid option out there, because it supports Apple’s App Store with over 250,000 apps and counting. This is the biggest tablet on the market with a vivid 9.7 inch screen. Unless you have a special reason to go for another tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, this is the best tablet on the market so far. Starts at $499.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab
I would recommend this new Samsung tablet to people who have an Android smartphone. Android is made by Google and features a lot of Google apps built in. It has access to the Android marketplace (the Android app store). But, the Android OS is not built for 7 inch tablets. So I would stay away from this if you want a refined and polished experience. This is a solid option, but at the same price you can get an iPad. Starts at $499.


1. Apple iPhone
Again, like the iPad the iPhone is the most solid choice on the smartphone market right now. It has access to a great ecosystem of apps and music, through the App Store and the iTunes Store. However, if you don’t have an iTunes – compatible computer, the iPhone simply won’t work. Also, Apple’s FaceTime video chatting program is amazingly smooth and fluid, with built in support with iPod Touch 4G and every Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard. iPhone 3GS starts at $99. iPhone 4 starts at $199.

2. Blackberry Torch
The Blackberry Torch is RIM’s second foray into the touchscreen smartphone world. This time, with a vertical slide out keyboard and a trackpad. This makes typing easier for experienced Blackberry users who have difficulty with virtual keyboards. This is great for people who have lot’s of friends who have Blackberries so they can use BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Starts at $199.

3. HTC Surround
The HTC Surround runs Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Mobile Operating System. With a lot going for the operating system, this is a very simplistic operating system in a way because there are not a lot of applications and of course, it’s a Microshaft product. HTC’s hardware is solid, and it comes with a slideout speaker featuring Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 for Mobile. I have no idea what that is but it just sounds right. Starts at $199.

4. Samsung Galaxy S
The Samsung Galaxy S series features 4 phones, The Fascinate, The Epic 4G (available only in the U.S. of A), The Vibrant and The Captivate. This runs Android, which in my opinion is one of the least polished operating systems ever. Unless your subject is someone who really likes hacking, there is no reason to pick this over the iPhone, The Torch or the Surround. Starts at $199.


1. XBOX 360 with Kinect
The XBOX 360 was never a big gaming revolution, except for a game called Halo. But now Microshaft has made a product very revolutinary for the XBOX 360 (only). It is called Kinect. It is by far the biggest revolution in console gaming since the Nintendo 64 brought 3D graphics back in 1999. The Kinect is controlled with your body, eliminating the need for a controller. Starts at $299.

2. Apple iPod Touch 4G
Now this fits into 2 categories: gaming and media player, so I’ll include it in both, one from a gamers’ aspect and one from a media lovers’ aspect. The new iPod Touch 4G has so many new features you’d be a fool not to upgrade to one. Among the other features, there are two big new features for gamers. One, the Apple A4 is an amazing mobile processor, and also, the inclusion of the iPhone 4′s retina display at a stunning resolution of 326 ppi (pixels per inch). The Apple App Store has a great selection of fun and addictive games, once in a while you’ll find a console-quality game such as Fifa 2011 or X-Plane. Starts at $229.

3. Playstation Move
Sony’s Playstation 3 has been a big hit among mostly hardcore gamers. But, it has yet to draw in the motion market dominated by the Wii. Until now, comes the Playstation Move. It is tracked by a Playstation Eye camera, which probably makes it better than the Wii. Starts at $50.


1. Apple MacBook Air
The new MacBook Air is great for three reasons: it’s price point, it’s portability and thiness, and also it uses flash memory, which is utilized in Apple’s popular mobile devices. Flash memory makes the device insanely fast at booting up (15 seconds) and instantly waking up from sleep. It is a great iPad replacement if you aren’t ready to do away with the keyboard and mouse. There is also a lot more functionality since it runs Mac OS X. Starts at $999.

2. Apple iMac
Yes, this is the second Apple computer in a row. But if you’ve used an iMac (or any other Apple computer), you’ll know that this isn’t like your old crappy PC. First, it runs Mac OS X, crash and virus resistant from the core and it has a great design. The iMac shines in the design category, with a great all-in-one design. Starts at $1199.

3. HP Envy 14
Finally, a computer for all you PC lovers out there. The HP Envy 14 is a great PC laptop, probably the best I’ve tried. It has a great Intel iSomething processor and it runs Windows 7. But like every other PC, you’ll have to invest in an antivirus software. But if you love the Windows operating system, this one is for you. Starts at $999.


1. Apple iPod Touch 4G
The iPod Touch 4G makes a second appearance on my list, but this time in the form of a music player. But this isn’t just any music player. First, it runs Apple’s iOS, which has a great selection of apps. You could call this device a SmartMP3Players, but no, that just sound weird. So the new iPod features a lot of things; FaceTime video chatting, HD Video Recording, the Retina Display and a lot of other new features. Starts at $229.

2. Apple iPod Nano 6G
Yes, the new iPod Nano had a lot of complaints starting on day one, but this is a great device for music lovers. No video playing, just for music. It features a multitouch touchscreen and does away with the venerable clickwheel. Starts at $149.

3. Apple iPod Shuffle 4G
The new iPod Shuffle has buttons again!!! They brought back the look of the iPod Shuffle 2G, put they made it smaller and added VoiceOver. No screen still, but oh well. This is great for people who wanna do something without damaging say, an iPod touch. Starts at $49.

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